Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valetines Day Special!!

Can Money Buy Love?

Valentine’s Day Special

Love is in the air and everyone seems to have been bitten by the love bug. We couldn’t help but jump on the love bandwagon. Market Pulse decided to conduct a survey across 3 cities to see what makes everybody’s hearts melt on Valentine’s Day.

Lovers not haters…

Market Pulse spoke to 296 romantics aged 16-35yrs, 78% of which were women. Majority of the romantics were between 31-35yrs. 59% of the total had an MHI of more than Rs. 50,000.

Awareness of Valentine’s Day:

97% respondents were aware of what Valentine’s Day is. Age groups 16-18yrs and 23-25yrs had 100% awareness with 5% not being aware in 26-30yrs age segment.

Special plans:

The most popular way of showing one’s affections seems to be that of buying a gift. While gifts are the most popular they seem to hold most water with 16-18yr olds (100%) and 19-22yr olds (71%).The slightly older counterparts (23-25yrs and 26-30yrs) prefer movies and the 31-35yr olds prefer to go out and eat as an alternative to/along with gifts.

Candy Hearts and Pretty Bouquets….

Respondents said they were most likely to delight their “someone special” with cakes or flowers (44%).