Friday, February 9, 2018

Indian homes are becoming smarter!!!

‘Smart’ does not stand only for mobiles but extends to home appliances too.

Traditional pressure cookers with their whistling sounds have been the identity of Indian kitchens. However, they are becoming smart. TTK Clip on pressure cookers is one such example and virtually dominates the smart cooker sales. There has been a 4-fold sales growth in smart, multipurpose pressure cookers with an average selling price of INR 2400 in 2017.

One can expect innovative new launches in the coming years!

In electrical appliances too, products with smart features are also growing at a much faster rate. Consumers are fast upgrading to these products. There has been a 3-fold sales growth in smart water heaters in 2017, with 15 new product launches in INR 13k+ price segment.

Sales of premium ceiling fans has grown by 22% in 2017, with features such as BLDC technology and smart features like anti-dust, temperature sensors, speed control sensor & radio frequency remote control.