Sunday, September 29, 2013

Emerging Kitchen Trends

The gradual waning of the wall between a cooking and living space has become de rigueur in recent times, leading to the introduction of open kitchens in Indian homes.  In the transition from the old to the new, traditional to modern, the most significant changes have been in our kitchens. And they have become big, bold, and beautiful. And Open! 
Giving the house an elegant, modern and spacious look, an open kitchen is easily accessible, and moms and nannies can keep a better lookout on toddlers and domestic help. Not only can more than one person work in the open kitchens, the people working in the kitchen can also feel a part of the conversation going on in the house. Another important appeal of open kitchen is its airy, spacious size helping in minimize risks associated with accidents. Quite unfamiliar in past, open kitchens also impact the kind of kitchen appliances consumers are buying.

After conducting a survey on the impact of open kitchen on appliance buying habit among a sample of 150 people living in apartments and newly built houses, Market Pulse has found that majority (67%)of the new home owners have an open kitchen and 63% would prefer to have one in future. While all the respondents agreed that the choice of appliance being bought is influenced by their kitchens, 92% said that they will match the d├ęcor of the dining/living area with the appliances they buy for their kitchen.

Here is some more insight into consumer preferences

Aesthetics of an appliance play an important role in consumers' buying decisions
The features, size and design of the product are critical purchase criteria followed by price. Many prefer sleek appliances to go with the aesthetics of the house 
The brand of the appliance is an important criterion as it adds to status while lending credibility to the appliance 
Some consumers have started looking at energy efficiency as an important criterion when buying a product.
People having open kitchens attach more importance to design and color of the appliance. Energy efficiency of the appliance was also considered a very important purchase criterion.

In keeping with this trend, Electrolux recently launched its water purifiers in vibrant colors to cater to the aesthetic needs of consumers. Breakfast appliances like pop-up toasters, hand-blenders, coffee makers are now displayed on dining tables as they come in many attractive colors and sleek designs. Brands like Philips, Morphy Richards, Prestige, Orpat etc. are introducing smart looking irons, toasters, grinders, and coffee makers which are both energy efficient and eye catching.          

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